2015 Lighting Trends: Practical and Functional

Deciding to redecorate an outdoor living space or create a vibrant flower garden with a focus on a new art piece? Landscaping gives the homeowner a chance to be creative; garden lighting can enhance this creativity. The trends for 2015 focus on all the homeowners needs; each home is different. Lighting can provide the perfect enhancement to the garden design. Lighting trends are also becoming a practical, functional element to both gardens and outdoor living spaces.

LED Lights
One of the growing trends is the use of LED lighting. The popularity of LED lighting to outdoor living spaces is due to the basic practical approach while covering the needs of the homeowner. LED lighting uses less energy which is both an environmental friendly and affordable option for many users. It tends to be a more durable light source reducing overall maintenance costs. Installing LED lights is a perfect option for those who want to save money but still wants to add a creative element to outdoor designs.

Light the Way
Customized lighting along pathways and entryways can be viewed as both functional and practical. As the sun begins to set, a lighted pathway can keep a person from tripping while walking or working outdoors. The added effect of the lighted pathway has for a late night walk can be breathtaking. The lighted pathway can give a flower garden a luminous glow creating the perfect atmosphere to spend a romantic evening outdoors.

Spot Lightening
Highlighting a specific garden area can provide an overall warm atmosphere while focusing a particular area. The lights can be set in different areas for added enhancement. Popular lighting options include low to the ground, side lighting or a combination. The effect of the spot lighted area will be enhancing a specific landscape ornament, garden art, flower design or even a pond filled with fish. Concentrating on one specific area will draw the viewers’ attention creating a focal point for the garden design which can be viewed both in day light and evening hours.

Functional Lighting
In 2015, focusing on areas to use after sunset is becoming a more popular trend. Adding light sources around the in ground pool, hot tub, gazebo, or even the basketball court will give new life to areas used mainly in the daylight hours. Getting outside has numerous benefits; providing customized lighting can extend outdoor time. The functional options will be perfect for warm summer nights spent with family or entertaining friends.

Being a homeowner can be a costly endeavor; protecting the investment is a priority. Lighting an outdoor area surrounding the house has become both creative and functional. Lighting can be used as an extra security measure for the protection of the home. The security lightening can be set to turn automatically during the evening hours in conjunction with the home protection system or a standalone unit. The extra lighting can be added to outdoor buildings or the darkened areas around the house.

Finding the perfect lighting source can add creativity to a garden or functionality to an outdoor living space. Depending on the homeowner’s needs the options for lighting can seem endless. Begin the process with research, find out what is the most practical and desirable element to add to the outdoor space. Garden Lighting by Design can be the perfect partner in making the dream design area become a reality. Focus on the final garden project; allow the professional service to help in the work.

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