5 Creative Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

DIY Backsplash

Wouldn’t you like to create a really unique kitchen backsplash? Do you think this will cost you a fortune? Not a bit – provided that you bother to devote some time and effort, as well as to find an unusual, yet affordable finishing material.

Like old CDs, for example. Surprised? It’s a great solution for modern kitchens, especially those in hi-tech style. Usual ceramic tiles lookdull and featureless in high-tech interiors, while metal tiles and panels, that fit the interior perfectly, are quite expensive. So, take a sufficient amount of old CDs and cut them in pieces of various sizes and shapes. Then apply some glue on each piece and stick on the prepared wall in a random order to make a unique composition. Allow the glue to dry and wipe the surface with a soft sponge to remove the dust. Then use a usual tile grout to fill all gaps between pieces with the help of a rubber putty knife.When the grout is dry, wipe the surface carefully once again – your vibrant iridescent kitchen backsplash is ready! To protect it from scratches in use, you can additionally install transparentheat-strengthened glass.

Looks quite simple? Then get more ideas for DIY backsplashes:

  • you can use wine corks to add style to classic kitchens;
  • pebbles help increating eco environment;
  • a composition from fragments of ceramic tableware gives new feel to country-style kitchens.

Mosaic Touch

If you are too busy to make a mosaic pattern from CD or plate pieces, then use ready-made mosaic tiles for your individual backsplash design. Mosaic backsplash tiles are known for their multiple design optionsvarying in material, size, shape and color, but still there is more room for creativity. In particular, there are many opportunities to combine mosaic tiles with other finishing materials to create bright accents and satisfy functional zoning objectives. Moreover, mosaic tiles are really unique due to their flexibility that allows using mosaic to face surfaces of complex geometry like niches, arches and so on.

  • Add mosaic tiles made of small pieces to ceramic tiles of large scale. This is a great way to underline a focal point of your kitchen backsplash with a mosaic pattern, while combining both types of tiles in shape or color. You can achieve more dramatic look by playing with both contrast scales and colors – e.g. use large white rectangular tiles with black rectangular mosaic of small size.
  • Combine tiles of neutral color with expressive mosaic colors. You can use both unicolored bright mosaic tiles and multi-colored mosaic to create a desired look. For instance, use a vibrant color in the middle of your backsplash and allow neutral colors to createa frame.
  • Couple matte and shiny styles in one design to emphasize zoning.It’s not necessarily to select the tiles from one collection – just make sure that your matte and glossy tiles match in shape, size and color.

Woody Options

Yes, natural wood looks great, but it doesn’t seem to be suitable for a kitchen backsplash – wood doesn’t like water and heat, as well as it tends to absorb grease and dirt. But there is special wood treatment, improving its service properties, and nothing can change the fact that natural beauty of wood is just perfect for classic and country styles. So, let’s dig into the woody options:

  • The most luxurious choice is to install a solid hardwood like oak, cedar, yew and so on. It is expensive, but it pays and your backsplash is sure to differ greatly from standard solutions.
  • More designs is available when using wood planks installed vertically, horizontally, or in herringbone pattern – this is a great opportunity to visually change the kitchen space.
  • A combination of natural wood panels and wood grain tilesgives a chance to decorate dangerous zones of your backsplash using the temperature-resistant material, while retaining a unique feel of wooden surface.
  • Veneered medium-density fiberboard is more affordable when compared to a solid wood and looks quite respectable, unusual and stylish.

New Materials

It’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel trying to find new options of decorating kitchen backsplashes creatively, as designers have already presented their striking collections of tiles made of quite unusual materials.

What do you think of a container tile collection by John Whitmarsh? Yes, the tile is really cut out of shipping containers! It’s an exciting idea for contemporary kitchens, adding them an industrial look along with bright colors and some touch of fun. In fact, the designer also created several collections of concrete and cement tiles featuring unhackneyed textures.

Another creative solution with a glance to modern recycling trends was generated by Art of Board. It created a collection of tiles made of reclaimed skateboard wood, retaining all features such as bright colors, graffiti patterns and even scrapes. If you want to make your kitchen interior more vibrant and crispy, search for these new materials rather than usual ceramic tile.

Fresh Patterns

Are you sick and tired of all these traditional tile patterns? Then find out about fresh trends in tile design!

  • Patchwork pattern is made of tiles with various ornaments, which are combined by matching colors. The color may be both vivid and soft, but in any case the diversity of patterns attracts attention and provides a stunning effect.
  • Decorate a backsplash with multiple stripes of rectangular tiles, which feature different colors and even different patterns. For example, alternate a row of black rectangles with white and then red tiles – the main idea is to use colors and patterns thatare repeated in the interior design.
  • Add texture to your kitchen space using architectural tiles with tridimensional elements – a number of collections from different manufacturers are available for various styles.
  • Zigzag patterns make a design more dynamic and eye-catching. You can use tiles with this pattern or install narrow rectangular tiles in a zigzaggy way – both solutions are just great for a creative backsplash design.
  • Create a chalkboard wall in your kitchen by painting the backsplash area. Blackboard paint is available in multiple options, so you can choose the best for your style. It’s really creative as you can come up withnew pictures every day and it is helpful for leaving massages and writing down recipes.

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