Comparing the Best Welding Helmets of 2017

When it comes to welding, safety precautions should not be taken lightly. This means you need to have an effective and durable welding helmet, featuring all the qualities you need. Finding an effective welding helmet requires you to compare the following features for the best pick:

· Auto/passing darkening lenses
· The helmet’s weight
· Lens switching speed
· Varying or fixed rays
· The number of sensors

Below we will talk about the best welding helmets in the market. Pick the one you feel suitable for your project at

Jackson Safety W70 BH3 Helmet
Very popular for its auto darkening lens, the Jackson Jackson Safety W70 BH3 has a glass lens with an automatic darkening filter that captures arc rays for optical clarity, angular dependence, luminous transmittance disparity and distribution of light. The user-friendly adjustments include an adjustable panel and headgear adjustment levels. The high mass impact protection and high-density plastic shell can effectively protect your face, neck, and ears, while only weighing 2.1 pounds. It is available for $275.

ESAB Sentinel A50 Welding Helmet
Weighing only 1.4 pounds, the Sentinel A50 is among the most convenient helmets of 2017. A touch screen allows you to customize your settings in 8 different ways. Running on solar power and backup batteries, the Sentinel A50 has 4 sensors that change from light to dark in only 1/25000 seconds. A five point halo harness and ratcheting adjustment provide you with both fitting and comfort. You can buy the ESAB Sentinel A50 for only $299.

The Miller Electric T94i Helmet
Weighing just 1.32 pounds, the T94i offers the traditional set of Miller’s operating modes including Cut, Weld, Grind, and X-Mode. Shade five windows on the sides of the helmet allow for clear peripheral vision, and a 44 square inches viewing window is featured in the Grind mode. The ergonomic design maximizes comfort and gives room to a built-in respirator. The Miller Electric T94i only costs $372.

Hobart 770753 Pro Helmet
The battery-powered auto darkening Hobart 770753 is designed to protect the face, especially the eyes during arc setup. Made with tough and durable polyamide, the Hobart 770753 prevents rust and is scratch proof. Four arc sensors assist in arc spotting when welding is out of position. The lens’s reaction time is a fast 1/30,000 seconds. Buy the Hobart 770753 for only $196.98.

Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Welding Helmet
Made from a customized plastic, the Viking 3350 prevents any harmful rays from reaching your face by providing extra coverage. The glass pane lens magnifies the vocal view point and zooms in on the workable area. The sensors increase the helmet’s coverage area, while the glass sensor and shade adjustment aid in maximizing protection. The helmet is solar powered, with removable backup batteries and weighs only 3.2 pounds. You can buy the Viking 3350 for only $235.

Antra AH5-350-001x Welding Helmet
Crafted with carbon fiber, the Antra AH5-350-001x is an auto darkening helmet. Featuring 4 sensors for an increased coverage area, the Antra AH5-350-001x renders a wide view with a magnifying lens. Adjustable delay and sensitivity knobs help limit and extend different features on the helmet. The AH5-350-001x also features reflexive modes of darkening for extra eye protection. The fitting and removable sweat mask ensure maximum comfort. Moreover, this helmet is solar powered with substitute batteries. The Antra AH5-350-001x only costs $99.41.

Whether you are using your helmet for a DIY kitchen and bathroom makeover or simply completing a project in your workshop, the right helmet can make a big difference in accomplishing your work in an easy and safe way

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