Custom Built Wardrobes Dublin

You might be surprised to know that built in closets are a fairly recent addition to home construction. Before built-in closets became an aspect of housing design, people used free-standing wardrobes to store their clothing. In the UK, not all newer construction includes closets, and often if it does, the closet tends to be rather small. This can be a problem if the user has a lot of clothing, or more than one person is using the space. As a result, wardrobes continue to be the primary means of clothing and shoe storage in the bedroom.

However, 100 or more years ago the average person would have owned only a few items of clothing, and free-standing wardrobes were built with this in mind. The difficulty lies in that they are still built in this manner, and do not suit the modern person’s amount of clothing and shoes. Unfortunately, because it can be quite costly to purchase additional wardrobes, it becomes necessary for a person to either limit his or her personal attire or keep a portion of it outside the free-standing wardrobe. This lack of storage can contribute to clutter and mess in a bedroom.

Happily, a free-standing wardrobe with limited space is no longer a person’s only storage option.

Custom built wardrobes offer a far better alternative to free-standing box wardrobes because they fit the space like a glove and keep the character of the room.

A custom built wardrobe designed at a reliable store such as SKON Design allows the customer to choose from a wide variety of sizes, as well as two, three, and four sliding doors. Sliding doors are superior to hinged doors as these must open out into the room, taking up more floor space. The hinged doors also limit the amount of light coming into the free-standing wardrobe, reducing visibility. The sliding doors of a custom-built wardrobe allow more light inside, which improves visibility and efficiency. Additionally, the sliding doors do not create the limitations hinged doors have, and therefore provide more freedom of movement as well as improving decorating choices.

Customers can also select the layout of the wardrobe interior, unlike free-standing, flat-pack wardrobes. They can choose to have more hanging space, extra shelves, or more floor space. In addition, the customer also can choose from a large selection of paint or wood finishes, as well as traditional and contemporary styles.

Additionally, custom built wardrobes extend from the floor to the ceiling, which increases the amount of storage space available. Free-standing wardrobes have very limited floor and hanging space, and while it is possible to stack items on the top, it is not only difficult to access the items, but adds to the messy appearance of the room.

Wardrobes crafted to match the decor of the bedroom provide both functionality, and extra storage while enhancing the beauty of the bedroom. This is usually not true with free-standing wardrobes.

Another advantage to custom built wardrobes over free-standing is safety. Custom built wardrobes are attached to the wall. This makes them more sturdy, stronger, and do not move when used. The constant movement when opened, and closed shortens the life of a free-standing wardrobe.

In addition to all the positive aesthetic and functional aspects of custom-built wardrobes, typically when purchasing or renting a home or apartment in Dublin buyers and renters find custom-built wardrobes highly desirable and will give preference to a home that offers such. Therefore, by installing a high quality, made-to-measure, durable, custom-built wardrobe it could increase the desirability of a property, and potentially increase the property’s sale or rental value.

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