How Can You Organically Control The Attack Of Pests In Your Garden?

Spending time in your garden every day is probably the most important rule for successful gardening. You do not have to spend hours and hours in your garden, but a short but regular visit can make a great difference. You will be able to spot every new change in your garden plants, either good or bad. Here in this article, you will be able to learn how you can organically control pests in your garden.

What If You Suspect A Pest Attack In Your Garden?
Let’s say, for instance, you suspect a pest attack on your plants that are probably eating your plants. The first thing you must do is to check the bottom of your plants to see if there is a sucking insect in there.

Also, by looking at the plant, you can make a guess that of the pest is sucking or chewing your plants. If the bottom of the plant does not have any insect, that means there is no sucking insect attack. It eliminates the chance of spider mite’s attacks, which could devastate your garden in just a couple of days.

What If You Do Not See Any Insect Or Pest In Your Garden?
If you do not see any worms or insects, then you must go for the first line of defense for your organic pest control, that is Diatomaceous Earth. It is perfectly edible, that is why it is called as food grade Diatomaceous Earth.

How To Use Diatomaceous Earth?
You can simply sprinkle it on your plants. It can kill or injure any insect. Therefore, do not put it on any flowers because the honeybees will get on it, and it will hurt them too.

What Does Diatomaceous Earth Do?
It acts like sandpaper, as the insects get it on them, it tears up their exoskeleton. Therefore, whether it is a worm or mite or a grasshopper, it will kill them by tearing their skeletons. It is not discriminative, so it can hurt any insect that is residing in your garden.

So, be aware of what is in your garden when you do this so that it may not hurt the insects that you want in your garden.

After therain, it will be washed away, as you do not put it at the bottom side of the plants but sprinkling over them. However, you can simply add this to water which acts as a carrying agent that can allow you to spread it over the plants.

There are some pest control techniques, but this one is simplest that you can easily find on the market for use. Adams Pest Control Adelaide Office is a popular place where you can find the right type of pest control products if the problem is uncontrollable for you. You can consult the experts for advice and then use the product they prescribe for your plants.

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