How Lighting Can Affect Our Moods

Believe it or not, our mood largely depends on light. While lighting may not always be the trigger, but it plays a vital role in how we feel. Ever wondered why we tend to feel happy during the day and down during the night? It has a lot to do with light since bright light (day) is linked to feeling lively.

Your energy level reduces in low lightning. When you want to take a peaceful sleep you switch off the lights of your room. According to experts, several of our emotions such as sadness and happiness are also greatly influenced by light. This is because lighting affects the secretion of hormones that are linked to how we feel.

This is why it is important to be careful when selecting lighting. While proper lighting can increase your work performance and give a pleasant appearance to your place and cause positive psychological effects, wrong choice can make things difficult by making you feel low and depressed.

The safest bet is to go for bright light. Here’s why:

  • Dim lightning can cause headaches or eye fatigues. It can also make you feel ill    or depressed if you stay in a place with low light for too long.
  • Dim lightning has a negative impact on your immune system.
  • Poor lightning makes you feel drowsy.
  • Poor lighting can harm your eyes if you use mobile devices or work in full lights.
  • Dim lighting can also squeeze your energy and make you feel weak, not letting you work. This is why your office space should be properly lit.

Lighting stimulates your mind. You are able to think in a better way in good lightning. Lightning can also change the chemistry of brain. The level of serotonin reduces in the dark. Lightning can boast the serotonin level and this can ultimately cause efficient brain working.

But be cautious! Too much light is also detrimental for health. While selecting lightning for different spots of your work place or homes you need to be careful.

Extreme lightning will give an over bright look to your place. Excessive lightning will also hurt your eyes. Therefore, be careful while choosing lightning. Also, there are times when dim light is all that you need.

As stated earlier, bright lighting brightens our mood. However, when we want to rest or sleep, bright lights can be a bad choice because they’ll make you feel ‘too active’ to sleep. The right choice is to install dimmers. They allow you to set the lighting accordingly and also helps you save electricity.

You can hire a company like Yellow Goat Lighting Design to not only buy lighting but also handle the designing. Make the right choice so that you have no issues.


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