Minimalist Kitchen Design 2 × 3, Minimal Display with Maximum Function

desain dapur minimalis 2x3

Planning a 2 × 3 meter small kitchen design isn’t as difficult as you might think

 The kitchen is as important as the other rooms in the house. The kitchen space also deserves attention in the design and arrangement of its interior. Besides having to be designed to be comfortable, the kitchen must also have a visually attractive appearance.

The size is limited to the kitchen area, often a barrier when planning the best interior arrangement. The small kitchen area, besides being difficult to make it has an attractive appearance, will also cause cooking and food preparation activities to be slightly hampered.

However, do not be discouraged, size is never a problem. Small kitchen area, for example, which only has a size of 2 × 3 meters, can also be designed very comfortable and functional. The key is none other than; minimalist.

You can get around the kitchen measuring 2 × 3 square meters with a minimalist design concept. Do not forget also the choice of layout, L shape or U. Also how to get around various kitchen appliance with the use of functional storage shelves.

The following brief explanation may be able to help you, when trying to create a dream room for cooking to be more comfortable even though it only has a size of 2 × 3 meters.

Minimalist kitchen 2 × 3 L and U forms

L shape

To get a wide table and a free area when preparing food, you can design an L-shaped kitchen design. The L-shaped minimalist kitchen can be applied to kitchen areas that only have one wall section. This L-shaped kitchen, half the part can be used as a table to prepare various dishes, while the other half can be used as a stove and sink. Remember the golden triangle rule.

U shape

In addition to the L shape, you can try U-shape. U-shaped kitchen is a kitchen that has a hallway design with an additional cover at one end.

This U-shaped kitchen design is ideal for preventing many people from going back and forth through the kitchen, and is efficient enough to support cooking activities.

Minimizing the Use of Furniture

Kitchen sets for 2 × 3 sized kitchen should be chosen that do not have more than one function, aka multifunctional.

Selection of the right furniture for the kitchen 2 x3 size is to use the right furniture at the same time multifunctional. Right is a matter of how you use furniture that really is only needed, and get rid of what if not really needed.

Minimalist Kitchen Ventilation

There are many ventilation systems that are used by modern homes today, such as natural ventilation; exhaust-only mechanical ventilation; supply-only mechanical ventilation; balanced ventilation; and also balanced ventilation with heat recovery.

Each type of ventilation system has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Especially for the kitchen area, you can try exhaust-only mechanical ventilation with the installation of a cooker hood, or also natural-ventilation, such as the number of openings such as windows and doors.

Cooker Hood

For a small kitchen measuring 2 × 3 meters, it is highly recommended to bring a cooker hood in the kitchen.

Cooker hood is a funnel-like device. This tool will suck steam and heat from and transfer it outside the home. This tool is usually integrated with the kitchen set in today’s minimalist kitchen design.